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We buy and sell heavy equipment

Transforming Your Assets into Opportunities

At Gulf Coast Mats & Equipment LLC, we’re dedicated to facilitating your projects by offering a streamlined platform for buying and selling heavy equipment, including specialized machinery for oilfield and pipeline applications. Whether you’re upgrading your machinery, liquidating assets, or seeking specific equipment, we’re here to serve your needs with integrity and efficiency.

Looking to Sell Your Heavy Equipment?

We’re actively seeking a diverse range of machinery and vehicles, with a keen interest in equipment used in the oilfield and pipeline sectors. Our expertise extends to construction machinery, personal ATVs, trucks, trailers, and even historical military equipment. Partner with us for a hassle-free selling experience.

Heavy Equipment Buyer

Extensive Equipment Range:

Our acquisitions include ATVs, trucks, trailers, tractors, dump trucks, oilfield equipment, pipeline machinery, and historical military equipment.

Condition Flexibility:

New or old, running or idle, we're interested in purchasing your equipment.

Sell Construction Machinery

Commited to your asset's safety

Competitive Offers: Receive fair and competitive prices for all construction machinery, including specialized equipment for oilfields and pipelines.

Restoration Expertise: Equipment that’s been sitting idle? We specialize in restoring and repurposing construction machinery, giving it new life and function.

Equipment Purchase and Sale Services

Efficient Local Service: Operating across Texas and Louisiana, we ensure a smooth and efficient transaction process.

Referral Rewards: Earn a finder’s fee for successful equipment leads. Refer someone looking to sell and benefit from our referral program.

Sustainable Practices: Scrap Metal Recovery

Environmental Stewardship: We manage large scrap metal and old V8 engine recovery, promoting eco-friendly practices and contributing to sustainability.

Ready to Make a Deal?

If you’re in the market to sell equipment or seeking specific machinery, Gulf Coast Mats & Equipment LLC is your reliable partner. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized service, ensuring a deal that benefits all parties involved. Let’s collaborate to achieve mutual success.
Contact us today to discuss your equipment needs or to learn more about our buying and selling services. Together, we can pave the way for a prosperous partnership.


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